EXS Capital to invest in Vietnamese real estate developer

EXS Capital to invest in Vietnamese real estate developer

17:27 16 July in Press

EXS Capital invested more than US$35 million into Son Kim Land, a Vietnamese real estate developer. Son Kim Land has been attracting investors due to its reliable track record and an existing campaign of development projects. EXS Capital has offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo and is an independent alternative investment group dedicated to Asia.


EXS Capital began emphasizing Vietnam’s importance in 2011. EXS Capital views the country as a fundamentally robust economy struggling from market dislocations. EXS Capital has additional commitments that may possibly bring the investment amount up to US$50 million.

“Our experience in China during that era taught us that smart investors who could see past the temporary dislocation and use it to make opportunistic investments in great companies, did extremely well over the long term. As contrarian value-driven investors, we saw the biggest gap between the real economy and asset prices in more than a decade- as a good time to go in,” said CEO of EXS Capital, Eric Solberg.
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July 16th, 2013

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