The EXS Capital Group is an independent investment firm dedicated to Asia Pacific.
Owned entirely by its partners, the firm has offices in Hong Kong
and is active throughout the region.

We focus exclusively on privately-negotiated investments in Asia, seeking either majority or shared control. We invest opportunistically across industries, including real estate, one of the biggest publicly listed businesses in the region. In Asia, we believe the distinction among traditional alternative investment styles – buyout, growth, distressed, mezzanine, PIPEs, activist, real estate opportunity, etc. – is relatively meaningless. Indeed, many of our most successful deals have combined elements of several of these styles. We make the investment suit the opportunity.


Since inception in 2007, EXS Capital has led over US$650 million in alternative investments in Asia, representing over US$1 billion in enterprise value. EXS originated, structured and executed these investments on a deal-by-deal basis, partnering with leading global private equity firms, hedge funds and international investment banks for funding.


Over the past twenty years, the principals of EXS have helped create and grow several of Asia’s leading companies across industries including consumer, manufacturing, technology, telecommunication and real estate. As such, we have a long track record of generating wealth for both entrepreneurs and investors.

   Our ultimate goal is to partner with great management teams to build control positions in leading Asian companies for the long term, without the requirement to exit

Our Approach

Fundamentally, a great business is made up of:

  • An expert, motivated management team

  • A clear and sustainable competitive advantage; for example, asset base, location, brand, franchise, license, etc.

  • Capital resources, especially in times of crisis

Asia is particularly prone to monopolies, oligopolies and other situations of long-term competitive advantage. We have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to not only identify these business situations, but also to provide the necessary capital and other resources to outstanding management teams to develop opportunities that become obvious to others only in retrospect.


There are many effective ways to build such businesses, and equally many techniques to achieve the control, alignment and investor protection necessary to maximize value. Often the best deals are the product of multiple investments, strategies and techniques working in combination towards such an overall goal.


We are therefore agnostic as to industry and geography, structure and instrument. We fit the investment to the opportunity; the key is the end result.

  EXS sponsors

  direct investment opportunities

  on a deal-by-deal basis

Our Strategy

EXS offers investors high-quality, sizable, proprietary investment opportunities without the complications of a fund structure.

For investors, our direct investment model offers far greater transparency and control as well as flexibility in instrument, structuring, terms and duration.

For management, our model provides better alignment of interests and flexibility to fit your needs.

EXS will join the management team as strategic and capital partner.

The value proposition for management is simple: you will make far more money with our participation.

Every EXS deal closed so far

has produced a positive return

Track Record

Selected transactions led by EXS

Project Arsenal

Project Arsenal

  • Takeover of listed Tokyo residential REIT & REIT manager

  • Profit realised through listing

  • Japan

Project Byblos

Project Byblos

  • Buyout of distressed shareholder in residential development

  • Profit realised through sale of residential units

  • China

Project Lemongrass

Project Lemongrass

  • Strategic investment in leading HCMC real estate developer

  • Expected 25%+ IRR (ongoing)

  • Vietnam

Selected transactions led by Eric Solberg, before EXS

Harbin Brewery

Harbin Brewery

  • Consolidated many local breweries into regional leader for exit to global players

  • Sold to Anheuser Busch

  • China

Shui On Land

Shui On Land

  • Successful new China venture by leading HK developer, leading to US$4 billion IPO

  • US$400 million convertible pref

  • China

Asia Broadcast Satellite

Asia Broadcast Satellite

  • Creation of leading Asian satellite company by combining experienced team + distressed satellite asset

  • Sale to PE firm

  • Hong Kong / Regional

 Multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual team

with broad experience across Asian markets,

industries and investment strategies

EXS Capital partners with

great entrepreneurs and management teams

to build companies of lasting value

Partner with Us

The principals of EXS Capital are not just experienced investors, but successful entrepreneurs in their own right. As such, we can provide you with much more than just one-off financing; we can help build your business. In addition to access to debt and equity capital markets, we provide our investment partners with strategic consulting, business development, corporate structuring, executive recruiting, mergers & acquisitions.


We have taken dozens of companies from start-up, through expansion capital and IPO, all the way to industry leadership. Over the past many years and innumerable transactions, we have learned many hard lessons that we can directly apply to making your business an even bigger success.

Entrepreneurs and management teams choose to work with us because:


Flexible – we are not constrained by a restrictive investment mandate. We are agnostic as to industry, geography, structure or instrument; we focus exclusively on the merits of specific investment opportunities


Aligned interest – we use structures oriented towards long-term alignment of interests. By avoiding conflicts of interest, all parties can focus on building great businesses


Invest to build – we avoid zero-sum investment situations that may result in conflicts over control and/or assets. We are a capital partner assisting great entrepreneurs and management teams to develop industry leading real world businesses


Long-term partners – we have the holding power to stick with winning investments and can assist with multiple rounds of financing; our favorite holding period is forever


Track record – we have a strong track record of helping to create leading Asian businesses. We invite you to speak to our past clients who can describe the difference that working with EXS Capital’s principals made to their businesses


EXS Capital Asia Limited is licensed by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission for activities Type 4 (Advising on Securities), Type 6 (Corporate Finance) and Type 9 (Asset Management), Membership Number: AQO245

EXS Property Limited is licensed by the Hong Kong Estate Agents Authority

EXS Capital Limited is registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority as an exempt investment advisor

If you think we may be able to help with your business, please do not hesitate to contact us